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    Adult Education/GED Prep Schedule:
    Adult Education Classes
    Mon–Thurs: 9:00 am–1:30 pm
    English (ESL) Classes
    Tues & Thurs 4:30pm–7:30pm

    Student Services:
    In partnership with USU-Blanding, UL provides certificated and university courses. Additional student support is also offered (tutoring, counseling, and scholarship assistance). UL also provides student workshops for “transition into college” activities.

    Workplace Training:
    (Call for Schedule)
    Medical Terminology Administrative Medical Assistance
    Medical Clinical Competencies
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Our team makes it possible for ULC to provide instruction, technology, distance education, curriculum development, academic advising, student mentoring, tutoring, and child care to match the needs and interest of our learning community. Together, we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive learning “package” for adults in the state!
    Executive Director
    Ann Miller
    Executive Director
    Curriculum and Instruction
    Leecy Wise
    Grant Writer/Teacher Train
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    Jeff Jackson
    I.T./Distance Ed.Teacher
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    Jim Miller
    Database Specialist
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    Erin Donovan
    HiSet/GED/Lead Instructor
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    Carolyn Lucas
    HiSet/GED/Med Lab Instructor
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    Audrey Allmon
    Pre-GED / GED Instructor
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    Rosemary Daysie
    English(ESL) Instructor
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    Karen Boring
    Lead CNA Instructor
    Juanita Tullis
    CNA Instructor
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    Diane Fields
    CNA Lab Instructor
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    Kathryn White
    CPR Instructor/Childcare
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    Todd Parisi
    EMT/Paramedic Instructor
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    Scott Baker
    Director of Education Ute Mtn Tribe
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    Cathleen Grimes
    Health Grant (H.P.O.G) Specialist